Monday, October 10, 2005

Predictions and premonitions

The astrologer told her she has a fantastic future. Except for the next one year when she might face some trouble with an indecisive mind or a theft and such. He gives her a semi-precious stone and tells her to wear it as a ring to ward off obstacles in that year. They mark his word like the 11th commandment and reward obscene figures of currency to him for his "impeccable" forecast. She listens in helpless silence with disdain and cynicism and rubbishes it all fervently hoping they see sense in all the drama at the end of the day. They tell her how important such forecasts are in life. And she thinks, who cares for forecasts when she is responsible for the ongoing in her life and not some stellar performance or a moonstone. One fine day, she loses her cellphone in a crowded bus. Their sympathies and concerns are lost like a water droplet in the ocean of glory of the accurate forecast. And she curses her fate for letting the Astrologer go one-up against her, taking all 'undue credit' and gives measurement of her ring finger to the jeweller.