Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The omen

They decide to meet once a month. Good things always come rare, he had said.

First month, they meet and both are shy and nervous. Second month, she goes off on an overseas trip. Third month, they do meet and this time its magic with neither wanting the moments to end. Fourth month, he gets stuck at work. Fifth month, he goes on a vacation. Sixth month, she falls sick. Seventh month, they plan their date to perfection until a curfew hits the city. Eighth month, they are finally together again.
"We had decided on meeting every month. Perhaps, this is a sign" she sighs as he stretches on her couch.
"Umm! We are probably jinxed. But we are together now" he smiles, holding her close.
And they forget their jinxes and omens and spend the togetherness relishing every instant. After all, good things came rare.

"Maybe we must not plan so well in advance next time" she smiles at her self-proclamation, as he leaves to pick his wife from her workplace. At the corner of the road, she sees her husband's silhouette parking the car in the garage.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Revelations and relevations

I normally ignore, with a chuckle, the search lines that draws people to my rather errr insipid blog which is otherwise visited by a handful of rather kind folks - Until some of them made me realize that my blog is such a reservoir of information.

1. "What Aishwarya Rai's early family relationships were like."
- Need I say more? One not only visits once, gains enlightenment and runs away as one should, but loves the site so much, that he/she comes back some more times with the same search words. I hope the enlightened being found all that he/she is looking for in Ms. Rai, her relationships with her family, her great-uncles, her dog, the dog's litter sired through various she-dogs [I don't quite like to call it a bitch because I don't quite like the word and prefer to use it on some talented womenfolk when they deserved to be called that. Let me also add that I am very choosy about using the word on them too. So one has to be really gifted :-)], her watchman, her snooping neighbor and his runny-nosed boy, her astrologer [who gave her 'scope for horrors' with AB junior], her hair cut, her broken nail of the index finger, her mountain biking escapade [Gah! I had a worse debacle but I guess, I must thank Ms. Rai here for making these folks read about it and feel sorry for me in a silent way] and so on...

2. "Tamilian guys"
- Oh! Tamilian guys! They come in all sizes and shapes - the thair-saadam-eating, the asimov-swearing, the amma's-boy-not-lifting-a-finger-to-clean/help, the sun-tv-watching, the vaiko-bashing, the iit-aspiring-but-settled-for-paid-seats-in-unknown-engineering-colleges, the USA-aspiring, the thrice-a-week-temple-visiting, the rajanikanth-ilayaraja-idolizing, the AR-rehman-hating, the AR-rehman-loving, the hindi-hating, the hawaai-chappal-checked-lungi-wearing, bushy-moustache-sporting, the amma's-rasam-yearning, the driving-up-the-wall-with-slothful-disorderliness. But I wonder which types did one come looking for. :-)

3. "ATM's in Daman"
- Oh! I really feel sorry for the chappie who came looking for this. I sincerely hope he found one.

4. "Mosquitoes in Nicobar"
- Well! mosquitoes are these god-sent, quintessential and clairvoyant beings which make their presence felt the moment you think about them. You can be at work, on the road, in your garden, in the loo, in the corridors, in the elevator, in a village, in a town, in a hospital, watching cricket, sleeping, driving, blogging, making out, plotting a murder, writing an epic and these irritating buzzing menace are all around you until you bring out the all-outs and odomos'. But why-o-why is one only interested in the mosquitoes in Nicobar? I am the best bet for this piece of information because I have seen them in the Nicobar part of the world too. And trust me, they aren't any different from the suckers you encounter everyday. :-)

Enough said about the mystic ways of people that attract them to my blog. But I am glad for my regular readers to have noticed more than that (wonder what??) to be visiting and leaving kind comments in my blog. And also for the ones who visit as silently as they leave and the ones who have included me in their blogrolls/lines. The blog, even after 50 posts, will continue to be nonsensical and exaggerated/underrated (as the situation demands) and hopefully free of the troll-types as it has been thus far...:-)