Saturday, May 03, 2008


He drifts away and says I am walking away
I look at him, my eyes imploring desperately
trying to see if the glint, that warm smile,
that was so abundantly evident is there
in some minuscule fraction and I see it.
I see the happiness in his heart,
the music in his laughter,
the child-like innocence that once made me go weak
and that unmistakable glint
only that now its all for her.
At least he is truthful, he says.
Yes! Truth is to be celebrated, reveled, revered even.
and reality to be left ignored and forgotten.
And he says I am walking away.
But I am just standing
on top of the cliff.
Looking into the depths
of the ocean.
I see the waves hitting against the rocks.

Expectant, joyful, and finally morose and still.
Like my mind searching for an entry into the closed heart,
my eyes searching for light in infinite darkness.
And he waves from the horizon from his boat drifting,
that I am walking away.