Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Iyer clan

It was a rainy evening. Dhwani and I were fooling around while my mum was fixing dinner in the kitchen. She is all of one and a half but talks like a paati (granny) already.

So she has this erasable slate with a magnetic pencil which is her current favorite amongst her toys. She would scribble violently and incessantly for hours believing that she is writing something really meaningful. And once bored, the slate would go flying from one end of the room to the other end or it would get beaten up or stamped upon or tortured in the third degree in some other mechanism. Its quite commendable that the slate has roughed it out thus far.

So I was drawing some images and letting her guess what they were and when I was running out of ideas, I hit upon the idea of writing her name and asking her to guess. This one was easy. My maid would write her name everyday and this one was a piece of cake. And said aloud "DHWANI IYER" with an air of pride.

I deleted her name and put mine and asked her what it was. And it did not take her a moment to proclaim it again as 'DHWANI IYER'. So I corrected her saying this is "A~ IYER" which she reluctantly accepted.

Now I thought I'll pain her some more and put her appa's name there and ask her what that was. Now she gave it a thought for a few moments and looked around and triumphantly announced "UMA PAATI* IYER".

*PAATI = Granny. (my mum in this case)