Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Disappearing acts

"Very very sorry darling! How can I make up?" said he for the nth time when she confronted him and demanded reason for his vanishing act. He went into these bouts of hiatus when he would just forget her existence for weeks and months sometimes. There would be no news from him, all calls ignored, all smses unanswered. He'd later surface with things like he had company, 14 hour work schedules, was not well and so on. And she'd sulk at the fact that he did not even consider it necessary to let her know when he's busy. But with every little conversation, the feeling of remorse would gradually diminish and she'd be back to her old happy self.

They weren't really seeing each other technically. They led separate lives and gave each other ample space. But they had their moments of intimacy whenever they caught up. They had instant chemistry which both had little control on, which kept them going. That's what had drawn them to each other always from the time they first met at a common friend's wedding. Neither looked for emotional support or talked about their problems or woes to the other. They never even talked about how their day went or what their relationship was turning out to be. The time spent with each other was too little to be discussing such inconsequentialities of life.

She'd often lie awake in her bed thinking about him. He was anything but perfect. He had it his way most of the times. She'd be the one trying to initiate contacts breaking his temporary reverie and reminding him of her existence, she'd be the one trying to fix dates to meet. She’d be the one ranting and raving while he’d patiently listen to it all and finally end it with a sorry, like this one. But their dates were magical. His eyes, his smile, his touch elevated her senses, incited her mind and touched her heart and soul. He knew how to win her without trying too hard. He thought she was his confidante and someone he could get closest ever with. At times, she thought she knew him well. And other times, she thought she didn't know him at all or what he expected or thought of her.

But she liked it this way and so did he. They like their present and more so because neither is worried of a future. Though she only wishes he doesn't go disappearing every time!

And among other things, I just realized I completed a year of blogging. Wow, that feels really old..:)

Monday, February 06, 2006


Well, this tag can be potentially an exciting exercise for the nubile, young things. Maybe not for the married species in the world. But anyways here goes because my very dear friend Meeta tagged me into it.

Rules of the game:
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.

2. You have to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their comments saying they've been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

So here goes:

...HE must have the intensity of Rahul Bose in Mr. and Mrs Iyer and spunk and sensitivity of SRK in Swades. :-)

...HE must love music, specially my kind - Indian classical and hindi film movies of the 60's and definitely not the kinds who seeks such in the mindless and costume-less remixes.

...HE must be a foodie. And having culinary inclinations is a huge, huge turn-on. And surprising me with some concoctions once in a while would fetch him extra brownie points. Having said that, he must also like to try out new places and cuisines.

...HE must like my friends and gel wonderfully with them. And also let me have girlie evenings with them once in a while. While he can go his way spending (inebriated or otherwise) evenings with his friends.

...HE must appreciate my need for my personal domain. And must know what cheers me the most when I am in the lowest moods. He must have that extra ounce of patience and must be the kinds who sits back and enjoys my tantrums, mood swings as well as my rants and goofups of the day. :-)

...HE must be slightly romantic. Leaving enquiring/endearing notes/smses/messages when I least expect it, will melt away my worst moods and resentments. Having company, being busy, watching cricket are alright but not convincing enough not to leave a note once in a while.

...HE must love reading and not try to raid the books I am reading. He must also like watching movies and plays. Must be ready to watch any lousy movie I'd like to see and also render readily a nice shoulder to lean on when I doze off in the movie hall.

...HE must have his own opinion about things and tell me when he disapproves of anything I do. I do not want it to be my way just because thats the most comfortable setup to end a troubled situation.

I will violate Rule 3 and leave it open for anyone who reads my blog and wants to do the exercise. Mainly because I dont think I know of 8 who havent been tagged already. :-)