Saturday, August 12, 2006

When there is nothing worthwhile to say..

When you have had a tough month at work and too tired and bored to say anything insightful (ahem!), when there is nothing to blog about and no tags doing the rounds, post pictures. :-)

This is actually the picture of the living room of our apartment. It is spacious and roomy with lot of greenery around as one can see. Some good things about the city which I must not miss mentioning. :-)

The husband has splurged big time investing in expensive cameras and other paraphernalia to satisfy his birding and wildlife pursuits and I seem to have imbibed some skills at photography as well. Some excerpts of the same. These were just some weed-like plants growing all over the place and looked quite ugly in the surroundings. But I'd reckon, not here when clicked in macro mode.

Since this post is as worthless as it can get, I must mention that we got a new aquarium at home. And that is quite the high point in life at the moment. I am not quite the pet-loving kinds. Before one starts thinking about my anti-maneka-gandhi tendencies, I must make this clear that I do like pets and like play with them as long as the time spent is temporary and at someone else's place. I am still not particularly sure if I can get into such high maintenance activities - pets and babies alike. I think they demand too much of your attention and energy. But maybe this is just a start. And the sad part is out of the 5 pairs of fishes, two pairs are already dead. :(

I believe this is a new tank and fishes need to get acclimatized to the new surroundings and only the fittest survive. But its rather sad when one sees a couple of them floating on the top of the tank in the morning. Its fun to watch their antics though - that as long as you are away, they generally hang around swimming wistfully and aimlessly. But the moment you are near the tank, there is a flurry of activity with some aggressive swimming and diving and playing around, almost like a child's face brightening up at the sight of the mother in the circle of vision. Though all such acrobatics is to show happiness at the probable prospect of food in this case, its fun all the same. :-)

And as some folks have pointed out, I seem to be neglecting this space a bit too much. Hoping to do something about it soon.

*Waiting wistfully for some insight*